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Wednesday 21 January 2004 - 12am PSTThe results of a research study into a group of dementia patients at an assisted living home in the Newcastle location north of Sydney has discovered that playing Baroque music for a couple of hours a day caused an enhancement in habits.
Analyst Dr Christian Heim states his group's 6 week research at Maroba nursing house in Waratah (Australia) discovered habits such as hostility as well as shouting was reducedper cent in the 14 patients noted.
Dr Heim states the music of Baroque composers such as Vivaldi as well as Bach was selected for its unique repetitive as well as calming high qualities.
He states he was surprisedresults.
'It would be hard to mention to if there was an immediate effect,' he stated.
'We merely discovered that [in] nearly every dementia client these behaviors relaxed down considerably, so we were delighted by that.'.
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